MIAC Photography Policy and Credential Application

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The MIAC Photography Policy was created in order to best protect the interests, rights, and property of the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC) and its thirteen member institutions. If you wish to shoot and/or sell photos at any MIAC contests, you are required to read the following information, and fill out the fields below every academic year.

The members of the MIAC, all private undergraduate colleges in Minnesota, are Augsburg College, Bethel University, Carleton College, Concordia College-Moorhead, Gustavus Adolphus College, Hamline University, Macalester College, the College of Saint Benedict, St. Catherine University, Saint John's University, Saint Mary's University, St. Olaf College and the University of St. Thomas. 

The MIAC Photography Policy will govern the usage and sale of images taken at MIAC contests. This includes all non-conference contests hosted by MIAC institutions, MIAC regular season contests and MIAC Playoff and Championship Events. NCAA Championship events shall be governed by the NCAA Photography Policy.

Photographers at MIAC contests are asked to comply at all times with the MIAC Photography Policy and NCAA Bylaw 

MIAC Photography Policy
- Prior to selling any images taken at MIAC contests, photographers must fill out the MIAC Photography Credential Application and electronically submit to the MIAC Office every academic year (via the online form found below).

- The MIAC office and member institution athletic department staff may request usage of any photograph taken at MIAC contests. MIAC office and institutional personnel will credit the photographer when using the photo.

- Press boxes, scorer's tables, team benches, and locker rooms are considered restricted areas. Photographers need prior permission of the host Sports Information Director or Athletic Director in order to work in these areas.

- The MIAC makes no representation that spectators, participants, or anyone in the venue has granted permission for photographs of their likenesses to be sold. Photographer assumes all risk associated with the grant of privilege to photograph at the contest.

- Photographer understands the inherent risk of being in close proximity to athletic contests and waives any and all liability stemming from injury and/or property damage in conjunction with photography at a MIAC contest.

- Nothing is meant to convey employee status on photographer. The grant of photography privileges shall not be interpreted as a partnership, joint venture, or any recognized association with the MIAC.

- MIAC office staff, member institution athletic department staff and game officials reserve the right to use reasonable discretion and restrict photographers’ access to areas of athletic venues beyond NCAA recommended photography areas at any time. Photographers are expected to respect and defer to game officials and game management at all times.

- Photographers are expected to display professional conduct towards student-athletes, coaches, officials, athletic department staff, MIAC staff, spectators and other photographers. Be respectful of others taking photos at events. The MIAC encourages photographers to perform their duties to the best of their ability and obtain all desired shots, but please keep a safe and respectful distance from the action on the field and any trophy or award presentations. Be mindful of obstructing or blocking another photographer's shot.

NCAA Bylaw - Promotion by a Third Party of Photographs
* Any party hired by the member institution, the member conference or NCAA may sell and distribute a picture of a student-athlete only if:  (Adopted: 1/10/05)

(a) The member institution, the member conference or the NCAA specifically designates the agency that is authorized to receive orders for the film/photograph;
(b) Sales and distribution activities have the written approval of the member institution's athletics director, the member conference's commissioner or the NCAA; and

(c) If the third party advertises the availability of the photograph, the third party is precluded from using the name or picture of an enrolled student-athlete in any poster or other advertisement to promote the sale or distribution of the film/photograph; and there shall be not indication in the make-up or wording of the advertisement that squad member members, individually or collectively, or the institution, the conference or the NCAA endorses the product or services of the advertiser.

* Photographers who receive a MIAC Media Pass are considered to be receiving special access by NCAA interpretation even if they are not officially hired or paid by the MIAC or a member institution and thus will need to comply with NCAA Bylaw

MIAC Photography Credential Application 
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