MIAC Golf Championships Spectator Rules

Spectator Rules


  1. Spectators shall remain on cart paths or in the rough and at least 15 yards from the players at all time. Ensure you are keeping up with your group and not preventing golfers behind from playing.
  2. There will be no communication between players and spectators that could be deemed Advice.  The penalty for Advice from a spectator to a player is two strokes to the player.
  3. Ringers on electronic devices must be turned off.
  4. Spectators are not allowed to caddie for any players, however they are allowed to help search for lost balls.
  5. Spectators are allowed to carry raingear, clothing, and/or food for players.  Extreme care should be taken during the exchange of such items so that “Advice” is not given.
  6. Institutional personnel other than the designated coach are considered spectators.
  7. Players can go back on the course after completion of their round but they become a spectator and must follow spectator rules.
  8. Only spectators with valid handicap documentation will be allowed to use a cart during tournament play.