MIAC Men's Hockey Points System

Beginning in 2013-14 the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC) adopted a new three-point system to determine the conference standings. Any game that remains tied following overtime will be decided by a shootout following NCAA shootout protocol. The points system was amended for the 2014-15 season to treat an overtime win or loss in the same manner as a regulation win or loss.

Points are assigned as follows:

  3 points     Regulation or overtime win  
2 points Shootout win
1 point   Shootout loss  
0 points Regulation or overtime loss

All games decided with a goal in overtime are classified as a win or loss in the MIAC standings. Any games that remain tied after overtime and are decided in a shootout are classified as a tie in the MIAC standings. The NCAA will view these results the same way (ie: shootouts classified as tie). Statistics in shootouts (shots, goals, saves) do not count toward individual or team stat totals.

The full MIAC standings includes columns to distinguish shootout results to distinguish how points were assigned for those outcomes.