MIAC Student-Athlete Snapshot: Saint Benedict's Jenna O'Donnell

MIAC Student-Athlete Snapshot: Saint Benedict's Jenna O'Donnell

ST. JOSEPH, Minn. -- The MIAC Student-Athlete Snapshot is a weekly series dedicated to promoting MIAC student-athletes on and off the field. This week's Snapshot captures Saint Benedict Cross Country and Track & Field student-athlete, Jenna O'Donnell. As a senior, Jenna is pursuing a Nursing Major. Let's get to know Jenna better and zoom in on her perspective of the MIAC.

Three words to describe herself:
Continually surprising myself.

Best part about being a Saint Benedict student-athlete:
Since becoming a student-athlete at my school, I have learned that growth is not linear and often requires different venues for strengths to be shown. Through being a student athlete at the College of Saint Benedict, I have discovered strengths in myself. The liberal arts education has nurtured my passion for drawing; the Benedictine community has directed my values and beliefs; my “all-girls school” has filled me with pride for being a woman; and Blazer athletics has provided me with confidence and I never knew existed.

What does she like about the MIAC?
The competitive, yet humble women I am able to compete against continually impress me. While there have, are, and will continue to be rivalries between MIAC schools, there is a also a sense of companionship. When I am on the line with my fellow MIAC athletes the tension is tight, yet I know that every step of the race they are pushing me and I am pushing them, and the moment we all cross the finish, hands are shook, backs are patted, and congratulations are passed around. I am thankful for the women in this conference who have helped push me to achieve goals I never imagined possible.

Being a DIII athlete has allowed me to race competitively yet also put my academics as a priority. 

One thing most people don't know about Jenna: 
When coming to the College of Saint Benedict I had no intention of being an athlete. My plan was to focus solely on my academics and to join the choir. The day of my audition I had this gut feeling to not join choir and be a part of a team again. A few hours before my audition I crossed my name off the audition list and met with my coach who has now guided and encouraged me on this journey to discovering one of my greatest passions: running. 

Photo courtesy of Saint Benedict Sports Information.