MIAC Women's Outdoor T&F Awards honor top performers from outstanding meet

MIAC Women's Outdoor T&F Awards honor top performers from outstanding meet

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. -- The 2017 Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC) Women's Outdoor Track and Field Championships featured outstanding performances from each of the conference's 12 teams, so it was fitting that individuals from three different institutions claimed the top individual honors, Thursday, when the conference announced the 2017 MIAC Women's Outdoor Track and Field Awards.

Concordia's Emma Peterson highlighted the MIAC awards as she was named not only the Outstanding Field Athlete but was also given the Outstanding Performance-of-the-meet award for her jumping successes. St. Thomas' Brielle Bierman added to her trophy case with the Outstanding Track Athlete award. St. Benedict's Robin Balder-Lanou also got into the awards act receiving the MIAC Coach-of-the-Year honor.

The individual honors are accompanied by the announcement of the All-Conference selections and one member of each team was selected to the All-Sportsmanship Team. The top individual awards were voted on by the 12 women's outdoor track and field head coaches.

Peterson starred for Concordia at the MIAC outdoor meet with a conference title in the women's triple jump and the women's high jump. As a two time MIAC Outdoor Track & Field Athlete-of-the-Week, who started to triple jumpe only last year, Peterson set the tone as she broke the standing conference record in the triple jump of 11.81, held by fellow Cobber Hilary Thompson in 2014. She soared to new lengths with a jump of 12.15 meters. In the high jump, Peterson rose to the top with a final jump of 1.69 meters. 

Bierman was voted the Outstanding Track Athlete for her success in both hurdle events. Bierman won the 100m-hurdles at 14.83, with second place, St. Benedicts Megan Sundstrom coming in at 15.12. In the 400m-hurdles Bierman and Sundstrom battled again, but Bierman came out on top with a time of 1:02.10 and Sundstrom not far behind with a time of 1:02.42. Both performances contributed to the St. Thomas women's teams 13th-straight MIAC Outdoor championships title.

Balder-Lanou (19th season) earned her second MIAC outdoor coaching honor thanks to her team's second-place finish at the 2017 Outdoor Championships. She was also named the MIAC Outdoor Coach-of-the-Year in 2010 and the MIAC Indoor Women's Track and Field Coach-of-the-Year in 2009, 2011 and 2016. This spring, Balder-Lanou's team racked up 130 points to finish ahead of everyone except champion St. Thomas (146.75), and the Blazers held more than a 20-point edge on the rest of the field. Balder-Lanou's student-athletes captured two individual MIAC event titles and they turned in 10 All-Conference performances.

Fans can re-live all the action of the 2017 MIAC Outdoor Track and Field Championships online. The event home page has complete results, recaps, and more from an exciting weekend. 


2017 Individual Awards  

Outstanding Track Athlete
Brielle Bierman, St. Thomas (Jr., La Crescent, Minn.)

Outstanding Field Athlete
Emma Peterson, Concordia, (Sr., Benson, Minn.)    

Outstanding Performance-of-the-Meet  
Emma Peterson (Sr., Benson, Minn.)   

Robin Balder-Lanou, St. Benedict (19th season)

2017 All-MIAC Sportsmanship Team    

Augsburg - Kenna Bannister (Fy., Lakefield, Minn. / Jackson Country Central)
Bethel - Jill Krier (Sr., Byron, Minn.)
Carleton - Nicole Nipper (Minnetonka, Minn. / Minnehaha Falls)
Concordia - Coleen Vought (So., Moorhead, Minn. / Fargo Oak Grove)
Gustavus - Ande Gustafson (Grand Rapids, Minn.)
Hamline - Sarissa Falk (Sr., Grand Marais, Minn.)
Macalester - Anik Regan (Tuscon, Ariz. / University)
Saint Benedict - Maria Kiminski (Sr., Farmington, Minn.)
St. Catherine - Tori Thompson  (So., Rochester, Minn. / John Marshall)
Saint Mary's - Maria Missurelli (Jr., Franklin, Wis. / St. Thomas More)
St. Olaf - Jamie Hoornaert (Sr., Merced, Calif.)
St. Thomas - Elizabeth Russell (Sr., Shoreview, Minn. / Totino-Grace)

2017 All-Conference Team

1. Mikayla Forness, Concordia, 4721
2. Jenna Degan, St. Benedict, 4509
3. Megan Sundstrom, St. Benedict, 4422 

1. Mikayla Forness, Concordia, 42.15m
2. Trish Hare, Carleton, 42.13m
3. Megan Pohlmann, St. Catherine, 42.39m

Pole Vault
1. London Stelten, St. Benedict, 3.82m  
2. Kendall Novak, St. Thomas, 3.62m
3. Jalia Anderson, St. Thomas, 3.43m

Shot Put
1. Many Mercil, Concordia, 14.08m
2. Tamira McLemore, Augsburg, 12.98m
3. Libbie Lange, St. Thomas, 12.87m

Long Jump
1. Becca Dup, Saint Mary's, 5.48m
2. Callie Jones, Augsburg, 5.28m
T2. Lauren Eischens, St. Thomas, 5.28

10,000-Meter Run
1. Kimber Meyer, Macalester, 38:14.62
2. Kathleen Miles, Hamline, 38:40.28
3. Bryony Hawgood, St. Olaf, 39:50.00

4x800-Meter Relay
1. Bethel, 9:12.69
(Sara Wegner, Erin Alpers, Nicole Balzer & Annika Halverson) 

1. Bailey Hovland, Concordia, 50.69m
2. Katie Keelin, Gustavus, 48.21m
3. Olivia Graham, St. Thomas, 48.04

High Jump
1. Emma Peterson, Concordia, 1.69m
2. Jenna Degen, St. Benedict, 1.61m
3. Tierza Engen, Concordia, 1.57m

1. Gabby Koel, Hamline, 43.30m
2. Tresa Reuter, Concordia, 38.31m
3. Bailey Hovland, Concordia, 37.63m

Triple Jump
1. Emma Peterson, Concordia, 12.15m
2. Megan Sundstrom, St. Benedict, 11.25m
3. Damali Britton, Carleton, 11.0m

3,000-meter Steeplechase
1. Jena Moody, St. Olaf, 11:26.35
2. Madeline Dopp, Hamline, 11:26.87
3. Claire Trujillo, Carleton, 11:27.07

4x100-Meter Relay
1. St. Thomas, 48.06
 (Anna Smith, Brielle Bierman, Katelyn Marciniak, Katie Murray)

1,500-Meter Run
1. Annika Halverson, Bethel, 4:43.87
2. Meg Mathison, Carleton, 4:43.99
3. Kayla Janto, St. Thomas, 4:45.28

100-Meter Hurdles
1. Brielle Bierman, St. Thomas, 15.06
2. Megan Sundstrom, St. Benedict, 15.30
3. Anna Futterer, Hamline, 15.35


400-Meter Dash
1. Abby Stets, St. Olaf, 59.13
2. Hanna Sonsalla, Macalester, 58.02
3. AddieKay Johnson, Bethel, 59.11

100-Meter Dash
1. Delia Labatt, Bethel, 12.25
2. Shakeela Wells-Johnson, St. Catherine, 12.46
3. Briana Berninghaus, Hamline, 12.52

800-Meter Run

1. Allison Kosbud, St. Benedict, 2:11.58
2. Victoria Casarrubias, Macalester, 2:13.41
3. Sara Wegner, Bethel, 2:13.62

400-Meter Hurdles
1. Brielle Bierman, St. Thomas, 1:02.10
2. Megan Sundstrom, St. Benedict, 1:02.42
3. Maria Kiminski, St. Benedict, 1:04.05

200-Meter Dash
1. Delia Labatt, Bethel, 25.02
2. Abby Stets, St. Olaf, 25.32
3. Hannah Sonsalla, Macalester, 25.39 

5,000-Meter Run
1. Kimber Meyer, Macalester, 17:44.37
2. Alex Fossum, St. Thomas, 18:23.28
3. Emma Wever, St. Benedict, 18:28.72

4x400-Meter Relay
1. Macalester, 3:55.17
(Kara Komoto, Hannah Sonsalla, Anik Regan & Victoria Casarrubias)


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